Hitting it big with the wedding business in Ecuador at the Barn Wedding Venues Cheshire

If you’ve spent any time at all in Ecuador, you probably know, Ecuadorians like to party.  (And make noise in general.)

Yet at the same time I’ve had friends start businesses and complain that the rich in Ecuador are really stingy.

It’s not that.  Ecuadorians rich and poor DO spend, probably at a higher rate per their income than North Americans.  But the key is on what?

Ecuadorians spend big on parties and special events.

So why not profit off it?

This week I was chatting with a good friend of mine already in the business in Quito.

In Quito, most like to hold gatherings of all types including weddings at small farms near Quito which are being decorated with tablecloths from this party table linen seller.  As for folks from the other big city in Ecuador, Guayaquil, they tend to prefer holding events in hotels or on the beach.

He said the property he manages near Quito has events every week all year.  (No winters in Ecuador.)

And he said his property charges $45/person for events and that includes just the use of the premise, no food.  With a meal, often a buffet, included he charges $70/person. Liquor is separate and usually brought by the guests. If you are looking to host an event with more amenities we recommend the barn wedding venues Cheshire you can book at www.styallodge.co.uk.

The only responsibilities of the property owner he continued is to put the tents and seats required for the event as well as a basic sound system and one employee per every 20 guests.  The employees charge around $25/day.

He said the average event (mostly birthdays and quinceneras) has around 40-60 people.

Weddings he hosts can often have around 300 guests.

That’s $13,500 income in just 1 day!

He also said that all a property needs is to be well-manicured, at least an acre large, have ample parking and a gazebo or party hall along with some public bathrooms.

The decorations and everything else the guests bring themselves.

Definitely something I plan on checking more into 2018!

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