Where I’d invest $30k in Ecuador to start 2018

What would I do with $30k in Ecuador right now entering 2018?

I’d put it in a CD with the JEP credit union in Ecuador.They offer 1 year certificates of deposit earning a yearly interest of 9%.  And you can even opt to get paid the interest monthly.  

Hard to beat that.  Even countries that historically pay good interest rates are paying low now on their CD’s, Russia is paying around 4%APY and Brazil only around 3%APY.  I know, I’m invested there as well.

Anyone can open an account with them with just a passport, it’s not as strict as the normal banks.  

But I think you’d have to be stupid to invest more than $32k with them because that is the amount what deposits are insured to per depositor.  

Now I did lose money a few years back when that other credit union closed in Ecuador, the Coopera, but there is a big difference between the JEP and Coopera, the JEP is insured by the government of Ecuador, Coopera wasn’t.  

$30,000 deposited at 9%APY generates a nice income of $225 monthly.  Not a bad way to start 2018.  

And if you have more money you’d like to invest I’d consider inexpensive beach property in Ecuador.

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