1 item all Ecuadorians bring back to Ecuador

Living abroad my philosophy is simple… ‘if I see all the locals jumping off a bridge, I’m jumping too!’

There must be a good reason.

So, working in an airport hotel in Quito, I can’t help but notice that literally ALL of my Ecuadorian clients are coming back to Ecuador from abroad with one big rectangular box…

A TV box.

So I noticed, and researched it.

Now I see why.

A 50 inch Samsung LED Smart TV like this one at Walmart in the USA for sale at $597 costs roughly $1500 USD here in Ecuador both at the stores (I checked) and online on the Ecuador version of eBay Mercadolibre.

Or a generic 50 inch LED Smart TV like this one can be had for $348 at Walmart. A generic one in Ecuador goes for around $900.

Big difference!

But nothing is ever that simple. The reason for the difference is the import restrictions/ taxes.

You can only bring ONE TV down per year per person.

And after speaking to a client of mine at the hotel that just brought a 55 inch TV down 3 days ago, he said for TVs over 50 inches you pay $250 cash in taxes upon arrival to the airport in Ecuador. For smaller Tvs you may pay even more, he said. he continued, the deal now is bringing a TV over 50 inches.

And if you are moving here you are allowed one in your previously approved by the Ecuador consulate shipment of household goods tax-free.

If you do bring one down I’d bring a brand Ecuadorians know like LG, Samsung or Sony as I think it’d be easier to sell.

Also, I’d bring a big screen Tv over 50 inches large as I think the margins are better.

Even paying the tax, there’s still a margin there of $500-600 dollars of you sell it locally!

Enough to cover a plane ticket!

Hey Grant (a friend of mine coming down tomorrow) you get this?

Why not take advantage of Ecuadors STRICT import regulations raising many prices locally?

Let me show you how.

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