Why Ecuadorians are lined up to get into Colombia

Today, I´m checking in from the border of Ecuador and Colombia, where I´ve never seen anything like this!

There is currently a 3 hour line up of cars on the Ecuadorian side waiting to get into Colombia!

Why the incredible mass exodus from Ecuador?

When I lived in Colombia 7 years ago, the peso-USD echange rate hoovered around $2200 Pesos to 1 USD.

Last year, when I visited Colombia in October of 2014 the peso was at around $1800 to 1 USD or around where it´s been for the last decade.

Now, as of the last few weeks, the peso is at a record low against the dollar, $3125 pesos to 1 USD.

In other words, the dollar has almost doubled in value, or another way to think about it is that you can buy twice as many pesos as a year ago!

No sense sugar-coating it. Overall, for the last decade Ecuador was cheaper than Colombia, but now, on most things Colombia has Ecuador beat!

And Ecuadorians know it, as the border is only 4 hrs from one of Ecuadors largest cities, Quito, many are making weekend trips to go shopping.

Which is a great idea right now for anyone living in Ecuador.

Heck, I´m here.

So, specifically what is best to bring back from Colombia or the USA?

Why not have your trip pay for itself, and more?

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