How to get free workers for your farm in Ecuador

Hiring employees scares even the best of us.

And it will probably be your biggest expense when it comes to your producing farm in Ecuador.

But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, I’ve met quite a few entrepreneurs in Ecuador that get free volunteer help from the websites and .

Workaway is a new way travelers are opting to see the world, instead of your typical tourist route, you can really dig into the local culture by working in exchange for free room and board.

And Ecuador is exotic enough to have a nice draw, good luck trying to get people to work for free in Wisconsin!

All you, as the farm owner or host, have to do is provide cheap lodging and food for these travelers and they will work a specified number of hours per day.

So once you have your farm, build a lodge or even easier, rent a cheap one nearby where these people can stay. Then post your “project” to these sites.

Then sort through the applicants and select. What do employees have to say? I guess no words are needed, they should only demonstrate their skills and experience.

No employments contracts or messy social security payments, liquidations since its not a standard salaried job.

Also, this is great if you prefer to work with people that speak your language, and Spanish isn’t one of them yet.

You’ll be surprised at the quality, you can also opt for a minimum stay requirement of at least one month or whatever you decide.

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