What Russians do in Ecuador

“Hey Dom, so what do Russians do in Ecuador?” My friend asked, astonished by three sets of Russian guests in a row checking into my hotel near the Quito airport.

“Of the ones living here I know, Russians are in the flower exporting business, usually exporting them back to Russia.” Irked by the thought that even with a dozen roses Russian guys are still more masculine than me, I responded.

I continued…”After three-plus years here working with new arrivals, I could break it all down for you if you want?”

Americans sell Ecuadorian real estate to other Americans.

Canadians get into mining, usually in the Amazon region.

The Japanese minimize each minute they have to be in Ecuador, tourists in transit on a visit to the Galapagos.

The Chinese own shrimp farms in the Machala area, or dollar stores with cheap imported goods previously from China, now from Vietnam.

Europeans start an Eco-lodge, or Bed-and-breakfast-type guesthouse deep in a mountain somewhere in Ecuador.

Colombians usually get into the loan-shark business and drive around on intimidating motorcycles.

Cubans walk around wearing funny-looking bleached-out jeans and work at barber shops, or start a sandwich shop.

Indians (from India) start a slightly-above-average shawarma or Indian food restaurant.

Israelis film reality TV shows in the Amazon, really, they do!

Australians are usually 20-something backpackers who could quickly list you all the best pubs in Ecuador, but probably won’t recollect anything about their time here if you ask in a year.

Argentineans are usually hippies juggling under traffic-lights for coins.

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