8 items you can “carry on” for profit in Ecuador

We all know, or at least you should if you follow this letter, that Ecuador has many high import restrictions and duties causing many items to be more expensive here than in the US, which also creates a lot of business opprtunities for the casual traveler.

As we’ve already covered, TVs, especially big screen ones, can fetch a nice profit in Ecuador. Even after paying the import duty upon arrival.

But I get it, for most, bringing down a TV is too much of a hassle.

Too big, too bulky, too heavy, maybe too expensive.

Also, upon arrival to Ecuador by land or air, you are guaranteed to have to pay an extra tax (in cash) for the TV, even if you are bringing just one unit. AND there are restrictions, the same person can only bring one TV down per year.

What about some items you could easily fit in a carry-on that would be nice re-sell opportunities? Here we go…

8. Name brand make up. For instance, Loreal Cream Visible Lift is available online in the States for $3.99 per unit… in Ecuador, the same cream goes for $18.60 online! In the stores it often goes for even more. Obviously, you can’t bring down too many units or your intent will look commercial, and taxable, but each one you pack is like packing a $20 bill.

7. Pack of 10 pairs of fake eyelashes. How much could a bit of hair weigh? I mean, really? Like almost nothing. Yet in the US, nice sets like this one can be found for $1.67, while in Ecuador the same or similar as seen here goes for $7 or more!

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