Montanita Ecuador Real Estate For Sale


One price for WHOLE HOUSE, more private than a hotel and fit as many people as you wish!…

3 bedroom with one queen bed each, 2 full bathrooms, fully furnished kitchen with dining table and mini-refrigerator, patio with hammocks overlooking the ocean, dining area…

House has internet and WIFI.

This quiant house has a 180 degree ocean view and has a great location in a quiet area just outside of the hustle of nearby Montanita. It is 25 minutes by walking along the beach to Montanita (shares same beach), or 2 minutes by car (or a $1.50 taxi ride). See map below.

montanita home rentals

Furnished kitchen with plates, fridge, refrigerator and gas stove.

Pets OK, garden, yard, parking area.

$30 per day, $180 per week, $380 per month (including internet).

$100 security deposit, can rent for days, weeks or months.

After reservation you will be emailed the key pick up instructions and our caretaker will let you in the house the day of your arrival and help you get acquainted.

Click here to check availability and reserve now!

Or call Dom at 0969251257 or write us below:

[contact-form 16 “montanitaVacRen”]

manglaralto beach
The nearby beach, just south of Montanita.




montanita vacation rentals


montanita ecuador






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Montanita Ecuador Real Estate For Sale
Montanita Ecuador Real Estate For Sale

Fish Export Industry Experiences Surge in Prices

fish ecuadorAccording to the Ecuador Central Bank, in the first quarter of 2012, the exportation of Tuna and other fish products fell 112 tons compared to the same period a year ago, but revenues still increased 13% due to the higher international prices for the product.

After an interesting conversation with a local fishermen in Ecuador, I can confirm this, as he said with each passing year they have to go further and further out in the ocean to bring back a decent catch.

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What’s the Cost of Building in Ecuador?

building cost in ecuador Construction off Av. Americas in Cuenca.

Great question.

And one I often get.

It was recently reported that as of June 2012, the cost per meter of construction averages at $314.40.

It’s very variable depending on quality of materials used, but I’d say that’s a good figure to go on.

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How Locals Find the Cheapest Rentals in Ecuador

checp rentals in ecuador

“I can’t believe the prices I’m seeing for rentals in Ecuador, hah, I thought Ecuador was cheap, most places are equal to or more expensive than similar properties for rent in Florida these days.” My friend from Florida recently told me in my B&B in Guayaquil.

“Well, how ya lookin’?” I inquired.

“You know, searches on the net.” He responded.

“Nope, no good.” I said.

“On the net, especially in English, is where you’ll find the most expensive stuff out there in Ecuador. A lot of people publish their properties at often for-rich-foreigner prices hoping to land a wealthy renter unaware of actual local market values.” I said.

In order to find “for-local” prices for rentals first forget the internet even exists.

Remember how you used to look for properties say 15 years ago.

And that’s how most locals in Ecuador still look for rentals today.

They start in the classifieds section of the local paper.

So, a great place to start to find the best local deals is in the classifieds of the primary paper in the area where you’d like to rent.

Once you’re on the ground in Ecuador.

Wait til you’re here.

Cause the local papers DON’T publish all their classifieds on their website.

Down here, a lot of business owners are still weary of the whole internet thang.

In Quito, check the El Comercio newspaper… in Cuenca, El Mercurio… in Guayaquil, El Universo.

Sunday is the best day to look.

Yes, you’ll need a bit of Spanish (or the help of someone who knows it) to look cause the ads have been placed in Spanish, by locals aimed at other locals…

…just how we like it, with most ads having legit market prices, you know, the houses and apartments for $250-300 a month kinda stuff.

Now, most property owners you find publishing their place in the paper require a 1 year lease.

And the place probably won’t be furnished.

So, if you’re looking for a furnished, short-term rental, grab your computer, the net is probably a good, more time-efficient choice.

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$1,100/mon Playas 4 Bedr Villa Rental

$1,100/mon Playas 4 Bedr Villa Rental, furnished kitchen, yard, located in gated community one block from the beach.



For more info about this property please contact:

Bienes Raices Ocean Salinas
Ecuador Cell: 593+ 99675090 – 99641949 – 97320632
Write seller below:
[contact-form 2 “Corredor uno”]

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