How Locals Find the Cheapest Rentals in Ecuador

checp rentals in ecuador

“I can’t believe the prices I’m seeing for rentals in Ecuador, hah, I thought Ecuador was cheap, most places are equal to or more expensive than similar properties for rent in Florida these days.” My friend from Florida recently told me in my B&B in Guayaquil.

“Well, how ya lookin’?” I inquired.

“You know, searches on the net.” He responded.

“Nope, no good.” I said.

“On the net, especially in English, is where you’ll find the most expensive stuff out there in Ecuador. A lot of people publish their properties at often for-rich-foreigner prices hoping to land a wealthy renter unaware of actual local market values.” I said.

In order to find “for-local” prices for rentals first forget the internet even exists.

Remember how you used to look for properties say 15 years ago.

And that’s how most locals in Ecuador still look for rentals today.

They start in the classifieds section of the local paper.

So, a great place to start to find the best local deals is in the classifieds of the primary paper in the area where you’d like to rent.

Once you’re on the ground in Ecuador.

Wait til you’re here.

Cause the local papers DON’T publish all their classifieds on their website.

Down here, a lot of business owners are still weary of the whole internet thang.

In Quito, check the El Comercio newspaper… in Cuenca, El Mercurio… in Guayaquil, El Universo.

Sunday is the best day to look.

Yes, you’ll need a bit of Spanish (or the help of someone who knows it) to look cause the ads have been placed in Spanish, by locals aimed at other locals…

…just how we like it, with most ads having legit market prices, you know, the houses and apartments for $250-300 a month kinda stuff.

Now, most property owners you find publishing their place in the paper require a 1 year lease.

And the place probably won’t be furnished.

So, if you’re looking for a furnished, short-term rental, grab your computer, the net is probably a good, more time-efficient choice.

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