Founder of WikiLeaks Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

map of ecuador

Ecuador made the headlines this week around the world when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stepped into the Ecuadorean Embassy in London with hopes of the government granting him asylum.

This is big for Ecuador.

If Correa lets Assange in, will that open the flood gates for other wanted fugitives seeking refuge in Ecuador?

Would it hurt diplomatic relations with the US?

Probably. And that’s a risk tough to fathom when Ecuador sells one third of all it’s exports to the US.

Basically, if Ecuador wants to side with the rest of the super powers on this one, they’ll turn Assange in, if they wish to go against the international grain they’ll grant him asylum.

Would foreign investment in Ecuador be affected?

Yes. Foreigners may look at Ecuador as a riskier play, lowering the interest level.

We’ll see what happens and keep you informed on this one!

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