Paraguay Ousts President, Effects on Ecuador?

che guevaraChe Guevara, one of the most memorable rebels of the 20th century.

With a quick Parlimentary vote Paraguay just ousted their president over the weekend.

This would probably make big news in North America, but down here in South America, changing of the political guard is a common occurrence.

Chavez is ticked, just cut oil sales to Paraguay.

How will this effect Ecuador?

Well, it won’t effect it much, maybe just serve a reminder of how quick regimes can change down here.

Once a good friend and fellow international investor told me… “If you wait for these back-water countries to be politically stable before you visit or invest you will never go.”

It’s true.

Fact is, often most investors (and especially tourists) won’t even have any idea something big is going on. The effect on private property rights is the one biggie to keep an eye on and that right is rarely infringed upon as governments change wheels down here.

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