The deal-breaker: Why my brother would NEVER move to Ecuador

Recently, one of my brothers who lives on the west side of Cleveland recently came to visit me on an extended trip to Ecuador.

Towards the end of his stay I asked him if he would ever consider living in Ecuador?

He said “no”.

Naturally, I asked “why?”

He said not being able to flush the toilet paper after wiping is a total dealbreaker for him.

Fair enough. Deal-breakers can be very simple things.

I agree that aspect of living here is annoying.

Yet all the while some gringos think it´s just a false belief and actually you can flush it, you´re wrong, in almost all places in Ecuador you really can´t or you could have major problems soon.

I know I´m going to get a million emails now saying why don-t I use a bidet. Man, whatever.

But I´d still choose Ecuador for the weather, costs of living, food, people, language, business opportunity and much more.

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