How to avoid pricey roaming and keep in touch free with North America from Ecuador

Keeping in touch from abroad for extended periods of time can get costly.

Here’s how I’d do it.

I’d completely take your USA sim card out of your phone, or if not possible buy a second unlocked phone you can use when abroad and leave the USA one home.

Then, buy an Ecuadorian SIM to get you on the local network here and just go prepaid as you go.

And then to stay in touch with North America download the app I use and love …


It’s free and instantly gives you a USA number people can call you at and the app also allows you to call USA and Canada numbers free as well. If you don’t answer you can activate the voicemail to email option also free.

It’s nice answering right from your cell phone and not a computer or phone attached to a router (like with Magic Jack).

Or having to keep up with annual fees like with Magic Jack or Vonage.

But you do have to be connected to the Internet, the faster the better for better call quality. I’ve found the call quality quite good though.

Once you have an Ecuadorian SIM you can buy DATA packages to stay connected just like you can buy minutes.

Now there’s no excuse to not stay connected.

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