My top 3 cheap side-trips from Ecuador everyone should take

South America is a BIG continent.

And not many budget airlines yet more are coming.

But there are interesting side-trips you can take while living in Ecuador… I suggest starting with these three!

1. San Andres Island (Colombia).  This picturesque Caribbean island off the coast of Honduras is actually a part of Colombia, yet most don´t realize it if they´ve even heard of the place.  Yet it costs just $69 roundtrip to get there from Bogota!  And now with the Colombian budget airline Wingo flying to Quito you can get roundtrip to Bogota for around $230 if you buy at least a month or so in advance. A must-see!  Try Google Flights to find.

2. Summer skiing in Chile.  The ski season in Chile is July through September.  And most don´t realize you can actually get to the resorts quite quickly from the capital Santiago.  And you can get to Santiago for around $300 round-trip if bought in advance from Guayaquil (Ecuador). Try Google Flights or

3. El Salvador/Nicaragua/Costa Rica.  There is a little-known, new, cheap round-trip flight for $232 with Avianca from Quito to El Salvador.  From there you could discover the El Salvador coastline or drift up by land to Guatemala for a few days or catch a cheap flight to Nicaragua or Costa Rica via I´ve seen one way flights for around $60 from El Salvador to Nica.

There you have it! A few interesting side trips to get you started once living in Ecuador.  More to come.

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