6 things I hate about public bathrooms in Ecuador

Payment.  With most public bathrooms in Ecuador, you gotta pay to play, I know it´s only 10 cents or so but what if you only have a $20 bill?  Be prepared to get $19.90 in icky nickels and dimes back!

No soap– I don-t get it, why have soap dispensers if you can never find soap in them?  If you can find soap in a public bathroom i suggest stocking up for next time by squirting some into your hand and just walk around with it in there, just don´t shake anyone’s hand.  Another idea is to stash some behind your ears. Did you know that JustWedi provide quality Wedi boards for redecorating your bathroom? You can personalize your bathroom and make it look cooler.

No toilet paper– Literally, two days ago I found myself running for a bathroom in the Mall Quicentro Sur in South Quito.  Of course, there was no toilet paper, only a complicated machine that requires exact change, of course, I didn´t have it in those precious moments, so what did I have to do?  There were a few old receipts in my wallet, those had to do.  I chuckled as I dropped them in the open waste basket of the stall thinking how people were going to laugh when they saw dirtied receipts in there. Oh, man. My idea of a good bathroom is over here https://phxhomeremodeling.com/bathroom-remodel-chandler/.

No ventilation– “Oh man, I can´t breathe in here, and it´s so humid the smell and r¡grime is sticking to my skin!” My friend with loose bowl movements moaned from a cramped, dark, windowless bathroom at a gas station in steamy Guayaquil.  It was funny for the rest of us just outside the bathroom though but it was pretty obvious that the station was in a serious need to start a bathroom remodeling project. When it comes to the cheapest blinds this is the place to go shop affordable window blinds here for your new house.

No where to set down a backpack- many floors of public bathrooms in Ecuador are really nasty, yet there are often no hooks on the stall doors, so where do you set a bag down?  The only solution I can think of is to squat with the pack on and hope you don´t pop a hernia.

Sweet sayings Ecuadorians (maybe just the males) write on the back of toilet stall doors.  Ecuadorians think its hilarious to write their buddy´s phone number on the back of doors with things like “for cheap gay s-e-x call 09—–“.  Recently, I saw one interesting graffiti, “gays poop easier”.  Actually, some of these can be quite funny.

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