3 Things NOT To Bring To Ecuador For Resale

2 checked bags (with items that wouldn’t cause problems entering Ecuador)= $1000 profit.

I’m confident you can do that, because I just did. On my first try.

At least I paid for my plane ticket.

This week I finished selling the last of the products I brought to Ecuador for resale in November.

I made money on everything, although some items fetched less than I was hoping.

And some items took A LOT longer than I expected to sell.  But within 2 months of posting I did in fact sell everything.

Of course, I learned a lot, as my clients were 100% Ecuadorians.

Here are 3 things (or groups of things) I learned the hard way to not bring back for resale on my next go:  

1. GPS equipment.  Through my online research the margins looked really good and the machines themselves were small so I thought this was a no-brainer.  I was wrong, very difficult to sell GPS stuff in Ecuador to Ecuadorians.  There just isnt much demand for it.  I did sell what I brought but in the end on a device that costed me $89 I made like only $10.  I expected much more and I had it posted at $170 for a while but it didn’t move.

2.  Small items with high margins and low dollar amounts.  For instance, I brought back a package of certain quality fake eye lashes I bought in the states for $1 and thought to sell here at the market price around $10.  The fact is, selling online, sure the margin looks good, what is that?  1000% profit.  Low investment, low volume and low weight in bag.  That’s what i thought.  Problem was when selling online everyone expects you to send it to them or meet them and do the transaction.  For a few bucks its just not worth the time, plus, I ended up selling at $4 making $3.  I would not bring these types of items again.

3.  Unknown brands in Ecuador.  Lately, I’ve been a Lenovo computer guy.  I love ’em.  Although they are quite popular in the States, I knew they weren’t well known in Ecuador.  Anyway I brought one back and it was VERY hard to sell for a profit!  i did eventually sell it but for little profit.  I would not bring back anything in the future with an unknown brand locally.  In Ecuador, in my opinion the best known brands for lap tops are Apple, HP, Toshiba and then Dell.

Now its your turn!

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Key To Early Retirement In Ecuador: 1st Attempt Passive Income

My mom worked for 30 years in the USA as a school teacher, and retired with a few hundred thousand in savings, 2 properties, 1 mortgage, and a $3,000/month pension.

Obviously, I’m not going that route.

But I feel the key to an early retirement is a passive income of at least $3000 a month without it depending on the highly volatile world markets (stocks, bonds, metals).

So this year I’m focused on just that, creating an income of at least $3000 a month passive income (meaning you get it and don’t have to do much of anything)… here in Ecuador.

And I’ll keep you updated on all the wins and losses.

Most entrepreneurs and independently employed lean on rental properties for that income.  I don’t think that is the way to go here in Ecuador because rents are low and tenant laws problematic.

So my focus is going to be primarily on retirement homes, agriculture and Ecuador web-based businesses.

This week I launched my first try at it.  A website for folks who want to rent cars in Quito, Ecuador.

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The premise: Rent a cars at the airport are PRICEY, yet the little domestic rent a car places in the city are much cheaper.  So I made a deal with one in the city to deliver and retrieve their cars from the airport here in Quito and I’d make 12% commission on sales I made.  Essentially the idea is to bring the city prices here to the airport  area.  For instance, in the city, the economy cars you can get for $23 a day plus 12% tax (with 60 km).  Same car is about double that in the airport.

The costs: Domain name ($15/yr) built website myself in wordpress (free), signed up for a gmail account and a live chat account (not yet implemented in site) $15/month. That’s it.

The strategy: Once deal was made and site launched I found a bilingual Ecuadorian friend of mine who wants to make extra money who answers the emails and the calls and handles the bookings. The clients deposit to my account, then I split the commissions with him.

Our clients: Mainly Ecuadorians so we don’t have an instant book now feature, most Ecuadorians prefer to email, call, call again and then deposit in bank account to confirm booking.

The sales: In our first week we’ve sold for commissions of $3.60, $22, $20, $32.  Total $77.60.  Not bad for the first week, we’ll see from here how it goes.

One thing I’ve never seen many web gurus talk about are the incredible online opportunities there are in developing countries selling in the local language to locals.  There simply isn’t much decent competition so it is possible to make an impact quickly.

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The #1 Way Foreigners Overspend When Building A Home

A lot of foreigners will agree to one price per square meter on a new home build.

Start to finish. Turnkey.

And they overpay, usually in the six figures.


Hire just for the great job first, the guttering system on each property is a crucial part of the protection needed against the elements, in this case, water from rainfall and melted snowfall. The gutters collect any water that falls on the property and then channels it away from areas that it could cause damage to, such as the walls and foundations. Should the gutters fail in this task, then it can lead to extensive damage and more serious repairs. All of which will cost far more than hiring guttering Manchester for cleaning and repairs.

In the grey job is usually included the foundation, the columns, roof and walls. Of course all left in grey, and of course considering the walls are cement block  and the roof is the typical walk-able cement “losa”, and also the use of cleaning services could really help when building houses.In case of roofing services you should approch to trusted roofers company.

When finished then tell the builders “chao”. And proceed to find specialists for the other jobs regarding the house job by job.

For instance, for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house I’ve seen you can get the grey job done hiring this way for under $10k (just the labor fee, materials not included). Also if you want to improve your roof, you visit the website to get affordable services from a roofing contractor which could do a great work for this purpose.

And be sure to pay for the job, not weekly. They will work lightning fast that way. Check out Olympia Lighting for Pressure Sodium Lamps For Solar LED Street Lighting.

Do you have a patio in your yard?

Is it difficult to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere of your patio without sitting in scorching heat?

Maybe you want to sit outside during a light drizzle or play a game of cards without the sun burning a hole through your game.

A deck is great for bringing together family and friends for special events and parties, but weather can get in the way of having a good time. Hire this london tradesmen to get some extra help building your project.

A patio cover solves this problem by providing shade from the sun and cover from precipitation.

Consider investing in a high-quality patio cover to compliment your already existent patio. Or include a cover on your current or upcoming patio building project.

Why is a patio cover so important?

Yearlong Use

A patio cover allows homeowners the opportunity to shade themselves when the sun is beating down in their yard. It is frustrating during a beautiful day when you can’t go outside because the sun is a little too hot. A patio cover shades people from this scorching sun and prevents problems such as sunburn and overheating.

Many people also like to watch the rain. What better way to enjoy seasonal weather by sitting in the middle of it? A patio cover enables people to walk outside during a storm and enjoy the tranquil sounds of rainfall.


Parties are one of the main reasons getting a patio cover is a good idea. Parties are often held when the weather is hot. The patio cover not only protects people from the sun, but food and drinks as well. Keep your beverages and party foods cool with the help of a large patio cover. It also helps to keep chairs and tables cool for people to sit on.

Quality and Look

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Expat Fire Sales: Where To Buy Your Furniture At The Lowest Prices In Ecuador

“Wow, nice commercial fridge,” I told my friend while visiting him on the beach.

“And that’s a new table too.” I added.

“Yea, there was this expat couple that moved back to Alaska. Sold everything quick, got everything for less than half price, they had just furnished the place with all new things months ago from bobmillsfurniture.com.” My friend replied.

I see this a lot.

Folks move here, invest heavily in furniture orange county and even real estate, and within weeks or a few months they’re packing up and moving out.

And selling their stuff at a deep discount.

You know, Ecuador, and Latin America in general, isn’t for everybody.

But it’s an expat fire sale, and its a great way for the rest of us to buy our furniture or a patio chat set at often less than half of what the items cost new.

They told me, they bought the sauder furniture from the best furniture companies in the US. They have high-quality wood furniture and specialization in chairs for the kids.

So how do you hear about the expat furniture fire sales  in the frequently asked questions newsletter ?

Just keep your ear to the ground, a wife always complaining? Maybe a husband? They could be gone soon. These are the best cause you are the first one to hear about it.

Other ways to hear about these are by signing up for the Ecuador expat nationwide newsletter gringopost.com and by checking your local regional paper. Visit Gotta Sleep to learn more about bed sizes and dimensions in canada that are comfortable just for you.

For instance, in Quito check the EL COMERCIO classifieds on a Sunday in the OPORTUNIDADES (green) section for MUEBLES (furniture), LINEA BLANCA (appliances). A lot of people both Ecuadorians and expats moving abroad post that they are selling their household goods discounted here, you can even find RV Mattress on sale.

Must sell quick!

For kitchen equipment try the NEGOCIOS section where many a restaurant that has gone under is selling off their kitchen equipment. Need a nice industrial stove, freezer or whatever? This is the place to look. Of course this last option would require a bit of Spanish.

There you have it, now you know how to buy some amazing luxury furniture and if you want to get more tips when buying your furniture pieces, make sure to join here!

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How To Get Free Medical Attention Through The IESS In Ecuador

OK, so the medical services are not exactly free because you’re paying a monthly premium of around $70 or so.

The IESS is the government managed form of Social Security/medical care in Ecuador. All legal residents and citizens of Ecuador can sign up through www.application-filing-service.com/ regardless of their age. There are no deductibles you need to pay when treated. All medical services are covered (except some medications you may need to pay out of pocket).

You can also affiliate your spouse for a bit less than half the premium you’re paying.

So how do you get service?


After at least three months of being affiliated, you call a number in Ecuador 1-800-1000-000 ext 140 to ask for a “cita” appointment and they will tell you a date and medical center location for the appointment (usually within 2 weeks). Spanish only. The mеdісаl lіеn іѕ a lеgаl ѕесurіtу provided tо a medical рrоvіdеr whеn a patient lаtеr becomes a plaintiff іn a lеgаl саѕе. In ѕuсh a ѕіtuаtіоn іf settlement occurs, medical providers аrе compensated аѕ thе аttоrnеу оf record соmреnѕаtеѕ the provider out of thе insurance соllесtіоn рrосееdѕ. Hоwеvеr, аѕ financially sound аѕ a mеdісаl lіеn appears tо bе, in a rеаl wоrld аррlісаtіоn, untold lоѕѕеѕ оссur each уеаr from thе use оf the mеdісаl lіеn. You can use this website for more detail.

They will book you in with a general doctor first to help diagnose you. Then based on that appointment they will re-book you another appointment for a later date with a specialist or for further testing. This is how they work.

And for emergencies?

For emergencies NOT EVERYWHERE will accept IESS patients so you have to go to a specific IESS hospital in the big cities of Ecuador for free emergency assistance, if you go elsewhere they won’t pay it. Every medium to larger city in Ecuador has an IESS center of medical attention which just added new aed equipment.

That’s it, that’s all you really need to know.

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