New twist helps my agro investing in Ecuador: Growing lettuce in Ecuador


My recent experiment growing corn for a passive side income in Ecuador didn’t go too well.

Leased about 1 hectare for 5 months=$500
Costs from planting until harvest= about $200
Fertilizer cost= $200
Sale stalks and corn= $600

=Loss $300.

Obviously, I would not try to grow crops again with that same business model.

But I got in the game.

And word got out locally, and farmers nearby came with proposals.

One local lettuce grower came and said he’s got a contact that sells to Supermaxi who gives him the lettuce plants free then comes to harvest them when ready.

And that he’d take care of the plants, watering, weeding as needed until ready for harvest.

All I’d have to do is put the land.

Then we’d split the proceeds.

He has a large contract with Supermaxi, one of the largest grocery chains in Ecuador.

And taking into account I had vacant  a separate quarter of an ACRE leased property waiting for a specialty product whose plants are still in the nursery and won’t be ready for another 8 weeks (more on that soon).  I decided to put something in the meantime.

So we put 3000 lettuce plants and after 6-7 weeks they harvest it and pay 15 cents each.

Total sale: $450

Completely passive income with buyer already lined up.  AKA I don’t have to get dirty (at all).

And more lettuce plants on the way.  See below for pic.

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