How to open a PO Box in Ecuador


Contrary to popular belief, Ecuador does actually have a decent post system (Correos Ecuador).

The problem often is the place where you are living or renting doesn’t have an easily find-able address.

My first house purchase in Ecuador had the legal address… “The white house near the Hospital in Manglaralto.”


So to receive mail in these cases I suggest opening a PO Box… its easier than you think.

Just go to your nearest Correos Ecuador Post Office with a copy of your passport, your real passport and a utility bill from where you live (it doesn’t have to be in your name) and ask for a BUZON.

The rent price is $22 a year and iits about the size of a shoe box… you get the key.

If items larger than that come for you, you’ll get a slip in the box saying to ask the receptionist for your larger package.

Thats it. Foreigners who are not residents of Ecuador can open one as well with just their passport.

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