Mosquito Problem Areas in Ecuador?

olon ecuador
a view from atop olon ecuador

Q: Hey Dom, what’s the mosquito situation like in Ecuador?

I can tell you from personal experience, Ecuador is far better than other Latin countries like the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Nicaragua, or southern Mexico.

In the Andes the mosquitos are few and far between.

On the coast, there are a few problem areas. The good thing about the coast of Ecuador is that there are dry parts (with fewer mosquitos) and wet, green parts (yikes).

Most everywhere on the coast is fine with normal to few amounts of mosquitos, but there are two beautiful areas to avoid if you hate mosquitos (like me) which are Montanita (in the south) and Mompiche in the north.

Both are green areas and beautiful places, but with a lot of nearby standing water, and in my opinion have a mosquito problem.

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