Ecuador Bus Station Scam, Beware

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This past weekend I was catching a bus from Guayaquil to the coast of Ecuador, when a subtle scam in the bus station of Guayaquil almost caught me off guard.

As I waited to buy my ticket I was approached by a bus driver of the bus line where I was going to buy my ticket.

He said, “You going to the coast?”

I said, “Yes”.  And he followed with “OK, follow me”…At first I liked this cause there was a really long line to buy the tickets.

We followed him upstairs and at the gate of the bus departures he attempted to sell us blank tickets for his company.  Basically, he was trying to charge us under the table so he could keep the money for himself.

Right at that moment, a bus station worker saw what was happening and informed us to go back downstairs to the ticket window and buy directly from the company.

We could have been out our money or simply standing in the bus aisle for 3 hours surrounded by people sitting down who bought their tickets correctly from the window.

This struck me as something that happens commonly so I decided to inform you all about it…see you in a couple days for my next big post!

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