How to Find Love in Ecuador

find love in Ecuador

How would I go about starting a love life or finding a special someone in Ecuador?

Why waste time surfing the net, if your under 40 I’d hit the meat markets (singles clubs) where men and women go in groups of friends generally looking to meet new people like my fav, Bungaloo Bar, in the Mariscal of Quito.

If you’re over 40 I’d simply get active socially making friends, taking courses, working and the love life will come.

Another great idea for those not interested in going out is to hit the internet. My personal fav is but you’ll find many more Colombian women on there than Ecuadorian. What’s worked for me also is surfing the groups of Facebook that have a lot of members from the city where I’m located.

You can then hand pick who you’d like to meet and send them a short private message saying you’re new to Ecuador and would like to make new friends.

It’s a numbers game on the net but I’ve found net dating great. If you are into net dating, then you must learn more about elixir of eros.

Only one out of three are complete wierdos who will lock you in their basement and feed you to their army of cats.

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