Whats the Ecuadorian Lifestyle like?

ecuador lifestyle

Good question.

It depends a little where you are.

On the coast the people are laid back and definitely have the “manaña” mindset.

There’s always tomorrow.

People definitely “work to live” instead of our “live to work” lifestyle.

Ecuadorians in general aren’t quite as ambitious as we are brought up to be, and generally more distrustful (maybe with reason).

Women still look for men to support them and are happy to get married and stay in the kitchen… so to speak.

Girls from less affluent backgrounds have kids VERY young.

Ecuadorians are very family-oriented and Sundays are generally set aside for relaxing and hanging with family.

The work week is from 9-6 with a one or even 2 hr lunch.

Marriage is also expected at younger ages and folks in their 30s un-wed is an odd sight.

Interesting place to say the least!

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