Don´t move to Ecuador without this

I live in Ecuador.  

But occasionally go back to visit friends and family in the States.  

And what was my first stop upon arrival this past week to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio?

The shoestore.  Famous Footwear.  

I rolled up with as they say in Ecuador “hungry shoes”.  Or shoes with the sole partially detached.  

I actually threw away the shoes I had on in the bin outside the store as soon as I was done purchasing.

I simply refuse to buy shoes in Ecuador. 

For example, Nike tennis shoes, the same ones you can get on sale in US for around $50 would go for $150-170 in Ecuador.  Adidas is the same thing.  Even sandals too.  Most other name-brand and casual shoes have similar price differences.  Women´s dress and casual shoes also can be 3x what they cost in the USA.

Plus, the larger sizes often can´t be found in Ecuador.  

And yes, people have actually stolen shoes from me in Ecuador (in 2017 even)!

So when you move here, be sure you have your ideal footwear until at least your next trip back!  

The only shoe type I would buy in this region (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru) is men´s leather dress shoes, some nice locally-made styles for reasonable prices can be had.

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