1 item to bring to Ecuador for quick cash

This week I´m checking in from Atlanta, USA… and there are MANY things here you could bring back with you to Ecuador that could fetch more than you paid for it at least covering the cost of your flight (and then some).

But if I had to pick one item… as for ease of sale and profit potential.  

It would be to bring a PS4 FIFA edition. New.  In USA you can buy at many different places for around $300.  In Ecuador, you could resell online to Ecuadorians via a site like MercadoLibre.com.ec for around $410-450.  

As long as you bring ONLY 1 per person you won´t have problems when being inspected by Ecuador customs because one unit is allowed per person as it´s deemed you bring for personal use.  If you brought more units you would have to pay import taxes upon entry to country at airport.  

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