Ayangue: The top place to scuba in Ecuador


Ayangue reminds me of the Galapagos, both above the water and below it. It’s a tiny cove with a small, sleepy town and a handful of dive operators. That’s it, but its nice.

What to do?

– Try the seafood at one of the many huts along the beach.

– Swim and snorkel in the table-top flat ocean in the cove.

– Hike the nearby oceanfront cliffs.

– Para-glide in nearby San Pedro.

– Visit the nearby Playa Rosada beach.

– Scuba dive! Its cheap and its good!

Where to stay?

My top pick for a Hotel in Ayangue is the Oasis Ayangue. Can’t beat it, Wifi, hot water and good thin crust pizza one block off the beach.

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