Tena, an Explorers Paradise

tena ecuador

Tena reminds me of my time traveling Laos. An ideal tropical, jungle area full of fun, interesting travelers chatting it up over a cold beer after a days worth of heavy duty adventuring.

Many come to Tena to try the world-class white water rafting and kayaking. Class III and IV rapids abound, guides can be hired throughout the city.

Also try a hike through Parque Amazonico, a 27 hectare island with nice signs along a walking trail marking unique wildlife.

As well, in one of the many local outfitters you can arrange jungle and indigenous tours for as little as $25.

Where to stay?

My pick is the Hotel Brisa del Rio on Orellana. Nice atmosphere with big rooms and on top of that you are right on the riverfront with rooms starting from $8 per person.

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