5 reasons why I’m glad I don’t live in the US anymore

It never ceases to amaze me how quick people give up and give in and move back to their home country on the first little bit of turmoil they face.

Me.  I’m on the Cortez plan. Burn the boat, never go back (to live).That’s the only way to move abroad in my opinion or it’s simply not going to work.  Somebody’s going to get sick or something is going to happen and back you go.

I think just as powerful to KEEP you abroad are not just your reasons for choosing a new country, but also keeping present the reasons you left your old place.

Here are the first 5 reasons that come to mind of why i chose to LEAVE the USA.

1. Politics.  I’m not political and in the USA these days it seems the society is very polarized and vocal right now.

2. My weight (food).  I love the food in Ecuador, and I am able to keep the weight off, in the US I balloon up quick!  I eat the same amount here as there, could be the food composition, who knows?

3. Climate. Anywhere in South America beats Cleveland in January.  I constantly had a sore throat growing up and didn’t know why, it’s due to the constant change in weather, one day 20 degrees, the next 60 for 8 months a year.

4. Taxes. Ecuador has a more or less flat income tax, the way it should be.  I know you have to fund your never-ending wars, but the taxes are TOO HIGH for me in the USA. P.S. I still pay them even though I live abroad but there is a nice foreign earned income exemption you can claim if you live abroad full-time out of country 11 months a year.

5. Star quarterback.  I discovered this several years ago living in Medellin, Colombia while playing in an American Football club.  Down here I’m the star quarterback (in soccer countries everyone throws like girls) while in the USA I generally rode the bench.  And generally, I’ve seen this effect in business and my social life as well. You are never a prophet in your own land!

Long live Ecuador I guess!

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