The surprising 10 cheapest one way flights to Ecuador from North America in 2018

Many of us expats often prefer one way tickets.

Ecuador doesn’t care if you come on a one way so if worried about it I´d just check with the airline before buying to see if they will let you board with a one way.

But I noticed something interesting when I was looking for myself on a trip recently.

From Cincinnati, OH no matter what date you pick you are looking at no less than $460 one way to Quito, Ecuador.

Yet from nearby Cleveland, OH, my hometown, a city about the same size (if not smaller) for just about any date you can find a one way to Quito for around $180.Located beside 8M Residences, Singapore residential will launch Mountbatten Residences Condo

Big difference.

So I decided to research ALL the major metropolis in the USA and Canada and here are the cities with the CHEAPEST steady flights to Ecuador.  The below prices are an average available price if booked at least a month in advance. Some of them might surprise you.

Here are my top 10:

Fort Lauderdale FLL $104
Los Angeles LAX $162

Atlanta ATL $160
Richmond VA $137
Cleveland CLE $179
Boston BOS $163
New York NYC $174
New Orleans MSY $137
Buffalo BUF $138
Jacksonville JAX $138
I suggest booking on as you can compare whole months of prices at a time (great for expats with flexible schedules!