Where I’d start a business in Ecuador right now

After 3 days here on the border of Colombia and Ecuador it’s become evident where in Ecuador I’d start a business right now.

Ipiales, Colombia.

I know, technically it’s not Ecuador, but it’s close enough, it’s a smallish town about 5 minutes from the border of Colombia and Ecuador.

Why Ipiales?

Ipiales offers a chance to sell to Ecuadorians without actually having to import to Ecuador.

Each weekend a sea of Ecuadorians swarm the shops and fill the hotels and restaurants of this small town.

In just 2 days I’ve spent over $800 USD and of the thousands that come each week to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate, which is currently one of the most depreciated currencies of the last year against the dollar, I’m sure I’m below the average spend.

What specifically would I sell?

I cover that and more in my new Insiders Guide to Random Importing to Ecuador, a brief yet useful guide of the most profitable items to bring back from Colombia or the USA to Ecuador for the casual traveler or expat in Ecuador. This guide is ideal for ANYONE looking to travel to Ecuador (or for an expat living in Ecuador) that goes back frequently to the United States or Canada looking to make a few extra bucks.

Why not have your trip pay for itself, and more?

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