Where has the BEST Weather in Ecuador?

In such a tiny country, it is amazing how varied the different climates are.

Ecuador is not the “fun in the sun” tropical destination that is many islands in the Caribbean with tons of humidity, scolding temperatures and mosquitoes to match.

Ecuador actually has a very mild, stable climate perfect for people in their later years looking to escape the white tundra of the US.

On the coast, the weather is a mild 65-78 degrees year round, with overcast skies much of the year (from May until mid December).

From late December to mid April, the skies clear up and visitors are welcomed with bluebird days one after the other after the other.

Not to mention, thanks to a warm, constant sea breeze, much of the coastal area has very little humidity.

Guayaquil, the largest urban sprawl of Ecuador, is right on the mouth of a large river with mangrove swamps all around, so, the humidity and heat of this city is often too much for foreigners to handle.

Cuenca and Quito, both cities tucked snuggly in the Andes Mountains, have very similar temperatures similar to that of a typical mountain town in Colorado in the Spring time.

For example, during the day you are fine with pants and a t shirt, at night you will need a light sweater.

In the eastern Amazon region, the weather is hot, the air stagnant and humid, and the skies often overcast with plentiful rain (it is the jungle).

One big plus of Ecuador is that the various microclimates of Ecuador remain relatively stable the entire year, so if you find something you like, stick to it.

Arguably the place with the BEST year round weather of Ecuador, (t shirt and shorts, comfortable, not hot, not cold) is the hidden valley of eternal youth that is Vilcabamba. With year round temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, this place is a small, quiet paradise tucked deep in the Andes mountains.

Whatever your taste, Ecuador has it all except for one thing… snow.

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