What the US Consular Reports Don’t Tell You About Ecuador

Any seasoned traveler will tell you to take US Travel Warnings and Advisories with a BIG grain of salt.

Many are overkill, some are outright BS.

I’m not sure why the US government wishes to pump us full of fear of the outside world. It’s ridiculous. They highlight once in a decade events and hem over them in their reports, they mention every possible little thing that could go wrong, from bus vendors to rip currents, and expect us to enjoy our trip? I think we all have enough to worry about.

The Ecuador travel warning section is no different. One big thing the section lacks is that Ecuador is a wonderful place to be with welcoming people, mild weather, amazing food and nice beaches.

Kidnappings are not a problem in Ecuador, as in some Latin countries, and don’t , if ever, target foreigners.

Petty theft is the biggest thing you have to be weary of. But even things like pick pocketing in crowded buses are very rare in Ecuador.

Just follow the simple rule in Ecuador, “if it’s not tied down, it’s gone” and you will be fine, eat with your bags touching your leg so you know if they move. Hold backpacks in front of you in crowded buses. Don’t walk long distances in the large cities at night. Make sure you don’t leave things of value in plain view in your parked car. Common sense goes a long way in preventing this kind of mischief.

And remember, most importantly, forget for a minute what the Consular site says and have fun while in Ecuador!

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