5 Not-so-good Business Ideas for Ecuador

Ecuador is an amazing place for an entrepreneur! If you were ever thinking about running your own business…consider Ecuador.

There are so many things you could do it will boggle your mind…on this site I try to mention some of the best money making opportunities I have experienced or seen…but I’ll start with mentioning a few bad ideas for businesses in Ecuador…

1. Pizza Place: Ecuadorians are not crazy about pizza like we Americans are, it is common to meet locals who haven’t eaten pizza for over a year. And there are already MANY pizza places including the US chains like Papa Johns, Dominos and Pizza Hut.

2. Homecare: In Ecuador you can hire a personal maid and pay her/him around $300-400 a month for full time help (more if you need special assistance of course). With those prices, home care is not a very valid business idea unless you can put a special expertise or twist to it.

3. Dogwalker: I have seen that locals simply don’t spend much money on their pets compared to the US, and although I have not seen this offered, I don’t recommend it, cause even if you found a client in Ecuador the pay would be very little for this.

4. Import cars: Cars are WAY more expensive than Stateside, true. But there is a reason. The import tariffs are really high, cutting out any margin you could gain from casually importing cars…now on a large scale it may be profitable…but remember used cars are not permitted to enter the country (with one exception, which I will be covering on my weekly newsletter, sign up below)…

5. Mexican Food: Surprisingly, I have seen several Mexican food restaurants do NOT so well in Ecuador. I wouldn’t recommend putting another one.

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