Travel vs Living Abroad

Travel is tiring! After just a couple weeks I’m worn out.

Plus, living out a bag gets old fast. 15 hour bus rides are actually hell on earth. And boy does it stink to meet wonderful girls you’d like to date and get to know, but instead are reduced to aiming for the infamous one nighter.

Whereas, when living abroad, you can get to really know the place where you’re at, still that does not mean you won’t need international travel insurance, you can find it on websites like  And find the best, local places to hang out, eat, shop. How to save and even make money locally. Business opportunities begin to appear to you.

You can actually meet cool people and stick around long enough to get to know them and enjoy their company.

You can see cultures from an angle tourists can only hope to see.

You can take little interesting side trips to unknown places you’d never find following the tourist trail.

Need I say more?

The biggest thing you get when moving abroad is a widening of your personal perspective. You begin to see things from different angles and begin to have more compassion for the world in which we live…and did I mention it’s fun!

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