Price List of (Meds) Medicines in Ecuador

One of the great perks for foreign residents living in Ecuador is high-quality, low-cost healthcare. Bloomberg recently rated Ecuador as having the 20th most efficient healthcare system among advanced economies, while the U.S. ranked near the bottom in 46th place.Most medicines available in the States are also available in Ecuador, as well as their generic versions, here is a sample of some of the current medicine prices…

…if you have other sample med prices…PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW… thanks!

_Diovan 320 mg caja of 28 pills x $38.95 (for each 42 bought get 14 free)
_lotensin HCT 20/2.5 (pricing not available without perscription, but med is available)
_Metropolol 100mg box of 28pills x $11.58
_Baby aspirine flask of 100pills x $5.00
_Mobic 15mg box of 10pills x $21.00
_Bupropion (pricing not available without perscription, but med is available)
_Testosterone in gel 80gm $13.19 (Consider the best testosterone booster with out prescription)
_Nasonex spray nasal 18 gr $20. 75
_Astelin 30ml (pricing not available without perscription, but med is available)
_temazepan 15mg, there is a generic: diasepan 10mg box of 60pills x $6.26
_Temazepan 30mg, there is a generic: diasepan 10mg of 60pills x $6.26
_Oxycodone, there is a generic: Oxycodal 300mg 30pills x $14.04
_Nexium 40mg box of 14pils x $ 26.92

If you’d like me to check up a specific med for you, I can free, if I am in Ecuador, just write me via the contact form… saludos, Dom

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