Getting a Cell Phone in Ecuador – On the Cheap

These days, a cell phone is practically a necessity. Thankfully, getting set up in Ecuador is rather easy.

First, you’ll need to buy a sim card (for around $5)… I recommend buying “Porta” if you plan to live on the coast. Or “Movistar” if you plan to live in Quito or the Northern Andes area.

Then, if you want to find a phone cheap, I’d look for one in the two major cities of Ecuador, Quito or Guayaquil. In Quito, try the “Centro” Colonial (Historical area), specifically a complex called the Montufar. Beware! Only go during the daytime and don’t wear a lot of jewelry, the area is a little seedy.

In Guayaquil, for the cheapest cell phones try the open air market in the city center called the “Bahia”. Again, don’t go at night or dusk, the area is a bit seedy as well.

Also, in both places beware of brand name phones that are pirated, buy at your own risk…

In these areas you can find a cheapy for around $25.

Saludos, Dom

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