1 mistake everyone makes when moving to Ecuador: Choosing the right brands

“I´m an Apple guy,” a friend who was moving to Ecuador confided recently.

“OK, better hope your Apple computer-phone doesn´t break while in Ecuador.” I responded.  


If your Apple product breaks, if you can even FIND the part, it will probably cost a fortune.  

This ain´t Kansas no more, land of Amazon Prime free 2 day delivery and a Walmart on every corner.  

You gotta start thinking like an Ecuadorian if you gonna live here.  

It´s VERY important to stick to the brands that are prevalent in Ecuador, or parts will be almost impossible to find, very difficult to get shipped down, and if found VERY expensive.  

For instance…

For TVs go SAMSUNG or SONY. 

For cellphones go SAMSUNG.

For computers go HP or TOSHIBA.

For tablets the best well-known is APPLE iPAD.

For cars go CHEVROLET or NISSAN.  

For printers go CANON.

For cameras go NIKON or CANON.  

Any other brand if it breaks here will be almost impossible to fix, and has very little RESALE value!

Yes, I´ve made this mistake myself, I like Motorola unlocked smart phones, yet try to find a case, or a charger or anything else for one of them while in Ecuador, stinks!  Now you know!

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