SOLD! Casa Blanca, Luxury Playas Condo, $160k


3 bed, 2 1/2 bath
Exterior deck for BBQ
This beautiful 1,350 square foot unit is in the most exclusive area in the beach town of Playas.

The house was recently painted, the electric system went thru mayor maintenance and to add More Bonuses they have washed all the driveway and entrances with a washing pressure machine.

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Playas is just one hour from the International airport in Guayaquil so you can be running in the sand shortly after arriving in Ecuador. The Playas area is probably the fastest growing coastal town now. Guayaquil is pumping in 60 million dollars to promote tourism and build up the infrastructure to handle that growth…that means your property purchase here will appreciate faster than other coastal areas. Come see why living in Playas might be the Best decision of your life, since these buildings have the best interior details like flooring or house painters doing an amazing job.



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Casa Blanca Luxury Condo $160k

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