pH setback with land in Ecuador

"I've never seen a pH like this." The part-time Stevia specialist said to me looking over the results of my soil analysis.  

The pH is over 8.  That's very alkaline.  Too high for a plant like Stevia.  The plant would grow but not produce as much as it should, he continued.  

The ideal, and what most soil has in Ecuador is around 6.8-7 which is a neutral soil that plants can thrive in.  

Now, there is a way to correct the pH in the lot, by injecting about a ton of sulfur, which would cost me around $500.  But there's no guarantee that would fully correct the problem.

So for now, another option I think I'll go with is another crop that is a bit more resistant to the pH.  

But I jumped the gun, live and learn I guess, and have already put a deposit down on the Stevia plants.  

I'm still VERY interested in Stevia, but now I have a bunch of plants due out the nursery and no where t put them.  

40,000 of them to be exact, at 30 cents each.  You can fit them all comfortably on about 8,000 meters of land.

In Ecuador they grow best under 2400 meters in altitude and if there is a daily or semi-daily water source.  

And now I need to find a new home for them, aka, another lot to plant them or someone who would like to buy them?  I paid 30 cents each,  could offer a nice discount depending on how many you buy, just trying to recoup my money here.  

So, learn from my mistake, wait for the soil analysis to come back before making decisions on which land to buy (or lease) and which crops to grow!  

Any takers on the perfectly healthy, ready to produce and live 6 years Stevia plants?  

They produce every three months and I already have a buyer in Quito lined up.  Please refer to this link for the specific production expectancies,  .  

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