Ecuador Photo Diary Series: Machalilla Park

Parque Machalilla in Ecuador is located just north of Puerto Lopez and just south of Puerto Cayo on the souther coast of Ecuador.

Frailes Ecuador
Frailes Beach, Ecuador

Within the National Park are many things to do. You can stay for the night with a local indigenous community, just ask for the town of AguaBlanca once in the park.

Once in the town you can take a cultural tour, mud bathe, or bird watch in the dry, tropical forest.

Parque Machilla also boasts one of Ecuador’s TOP beaches, Los Frailes, where most feel as if they were in the Galapagos, not on mainland Ecuador.

The beach is secluded and a wonderful day trip from Puerto Lopez. For a few dollars you can pay a motor taxi to take you there. The park does not have an entrance fee, unless you go to the Frailes beach, in which case the cost of entrance is a few dollars for Ecuadorians, and a little more for foreigners.

Parque Machalilla Ecuador
Parque Machalilla Ecuador

Buying property within the park limits is not permitted.

Villa in Ecuador
Traditional Villas in the Town of AguaBlanca in the Park, Stay for around $8 per person per night and help support the locals
wildlife in ecuador
You sleep among some livestock in the Aguablanca village
The mud pond in Machalilla, said to have healing powers
The mud pond in Machalilla, said to have healing powers
bird watching in ecuador
bird watching in the park, a favorite pass time for many

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