How to Find Organic Products in Ecuador

Finding organic products can be a trip in Ecuador, here are a few tips to find some commonly sought after organic products…

Chia seeds _ “semillas molidas” full 500 gm $12,00
Contact to acquire: Jose Trujillo, telf. 04 2 22 19 76 Guayaquil… jgregortrujillo1 at

The chia that Jose sells is 100% organic, the farm that grows the seeds is on the coast of Ecuador, near Salinas…if u write him he can sell you some, although he usually just exports due to lack of local demand…

Goji Berries, people do not consume in Ecuador..but
this contact can get the goji.. Andres Muñoz telf.086710948 / 092589980 cacaroto77 at

Acai berries, 120 liquid capules of 1000 mmg each one $ 34,00
Andres Muñoz telf.086710948 / 092589980 Guayaquil cacaroto77 at

Chemical free laundry detergent- Supermaxi brand OZZ, detergent of 1kg $4.50
After a lot of looking the only one I found that works for you is this generic one in the sumpermarket stores Supermaxi…

Chemical free laundry dishwashing detergent- Supermaxi brand OZZ, liquid of 200gm $ 2,80
After a lot of looking the only one I found that works for you is this generic one in the sumpermarket stores Supermaxi…

Organic coconut Oil..
Can not find in Ecuador, but can buy in and I have been told by friends that the products do and can arrive to Ecuador.

Bicarbonation of sodium.- 10gm $ 0,50
Can find in any drugstore “farmacia” in the street!

Organic Shop Store .-If you would like organic products a great store is right in front of the China embassy in Quito = Address: Av. Atahualpa 349 y Av. Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador

Another good organic store is… Cooperativa Zapallo Verde. Address.- La Casa del Árbol
Lugo y Vizcaya (esq) – La Floresta (My son and I live close to here.)
zapalloverde at
telf. 600-6275 (only on wednesdays)
Supermaxi is a big box store in many parts of Ecuador where you can find many organic products

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