Lesson 1 of 15: Numbers in Spanish – Spanish in 30 min a Day

spanish alphabet

I love Spanish.

Actually, i love speaking another language, and Spanish is one of the most useful second languages you can learn, it’s true when people say it’s almost like having a “super power”.

Over these next few days, on this site we’re going to study a few of the key aspects of Spanish for beginners …

…so you can acquire the super power.  And learn to speak and defend yourself in Spanish.

Study it, practice it, for about 30 minutes a day.

You’ll be glad you did.

At the end of the 15 days you will know enough to get around and carry light conversations in your new language.

Heck, maybe you could even property hunt in Spanish…

So here we go!

We got to start at the beginning…  numbers…

Numbers… you just got to know this stuff before you come!

Literally, you’ll need to know your numbers in order to catch a taxi out front of the airport!  That’s how quick you’ll need it (in case you were wondering)…

So follow these next two links to listen to and practice both the numbers in Spanish…


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