The 3 Top Places to Party in Ecuador

nightlife in Ecuador
Montanita at night…pure party…

Many ask about how the party and nightlife scene is here in Ecuador.

It’s good. That’s for sure.

In Ecuador, as in many places in Latin America, many folks tend to continue to go out partying and drinking well into their 30’s, sometimes into their 40’s or 50’s.

For me, here are the three top places to party in Ecuador:

3. Cuenca Old Town (Calle Larga): Fun old town loaded with students and expats in a scene that will remind many of Partying along Europe’s cobblestone streets. An Illinois charter bus company decided to open a branch there not long back, making it easier and much more convenient for partiers to carouse.

2. Montanita: Montanita, a small town on the coast of Ecuador, rocks all year long from Thursday to Sunday. Anyone interested in the Bob Marley style, hippie surfer theme, go there.

1. Mariscal District, PLAZA FOCH AREA, Quito: By far the NUMBER ONE place to party in Ecuador, this place is loaded with bars, discos and restaurants for everyone from gays, straights, singles, couples and everything in between. You can find a place to party literally every night of the week except Sundays.

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