3 Minuses and pluses to living in Ecuador


Like everything, there are positives and negatives to life in Ecuador.

3 Positives:

1. The food. The food is natural, cheap and delicious… especially if you like seafood!

2. The mild weather. Although being on the Equator, Ecuador has a very mild 75-79 degree coastal climate, at night you will even have to use blankets. Which is refreshing if you have ever lived in a place like the Dominican Republic where the heat and humidity are almost suffocating.

3. The welcoming people. Thankfully, foreigners still have a good rep among locals in Ecuador and we are treated quite kindly compared to other destinations like Rio, Brazil where I found a bit of negativity towards foreigners, particularly foreign men, due to the thriving sex tourism industry.


1. Bureaucracy. Any type of legal or commercial process often takes an extraordinarily long process to complete, it’s the new government’s way of employing more people I guess.

2. High prices on many items. Due to the high import tariffs on many items, brand name clothes, technology and shoes are all quite expensive, often double that you’d pay in the States.

3. Traffic in the big cities. Due to poor city planning, traffic is a big issue in the big cities like Quito and Guayaquil, where during rush hour you’ll often find yourself at a stand still, anywhere in the city!

There you have it, a short list of some of the biggest pluses and minuses that came to mind first… All in all, I love Ecuador.

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