Restaurant Review: Magnolia Cafe (in Cuenca)

The freshly-baked cinnamon rolls at Magnolia Cafe in Cuenca.

Recently I had the fortune to dine at the recently-inaugurated Magnolia Cafe in Cuenca…

The good:

The desserts are exquisite, the apple pie and the cheesecake are some of, if not the best I’ve had in Ecuador. All the bread used in the cafe is baked in-house, and has a wide variety. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly owner and WIFI is available. The prices are not too low and not too high, reasonable.

The bad:

You have to walk down a lot of stairs from the old town in Cuenca to get there, and then back up again. Other than that, the food is great and I do recommend a visit.

cheesecake ecuador
The cheesecake.

Magnolia Cafe
Address in Cuenca…
Ave 3 Noviembre 1.48 y Plaza del Otorongo
email: magnoliacaffe AT

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