Why owning a luxury condo in Ecuador makes more sense than in the USA

The thought of owning small, elegant, almost hotel-like one bedroom properties in places I enjoy has always appealed to me.

I could use at my leisure then lock it up and rent it out online through services like AirBnB when not there.

For the same price as a hotel someone can enjoy all the same services (elevator, front desk staff, pool) yet get twice the space and more freedom to have guests over without paying extra.

The first place I looked was Vegas.  Then, this past month I decided to contact – Emerald Management & Realty Ltd. to inquire on one luxury suite in an area I know well, Big Sky, Montana.

Yet, all the hotel suites for sale seemed to stay on the market MONTHS or YEARS at a time.  Maybe I was missing something.

The one bed one bath suite I was looking at in Big Sky was right on the ski hill in a luxury hotel, had a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.  Asking $245k.


But digging down further I discovered why they don´t sell… the condo fees were around $1100/month.  The annual property taxes $1400/year and the property management companies in the area that offered me their services charge around 25%.  Not to mention heating and utility bills which are several times that of Ecuador.


Compared to the same sized luxury suite I´m considering on the coast of Ecuador, which if renting short-term could probably ask around the same in nightly rates ($60-80/night) the cost is about $https://ecuadorrealestate.org/luxury-condos-in-ecuador/80k to buy.  Monthly condo fee is $110.  And the annual taxes around $125!  Management would be much less expensive as well.

For some property types the USA wins for sure, but for this one, I´d choose Ecuador.

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