Getting your own farm in Ecuador without buying the land

No one in my school growing up in Cleveland, Ohio said they wanted to get into farming.

It was never a realistic option for me or my peers.

Hard to compete with the big boys in North America and their subsidies.

But, down here in Ecuador, the land is so fertile, the water so plentiful, and so many of the wealthy have small to medium sized farms, you can’t help but get curious about it.

But when you really start to talk to folks involved in farming you realize…

…many of them don’t even own the land!

They lease.

Lease the land, pay by the year, one solo payment that gives them rights to grow anything on the land they want.

Particularly where I’m at in the valleys of Quito the land prices are HIGH (compared to the rest of Ecuador) starting around $40-60 per meter.

That would mean 1 hectare would be $400,000 USD!  That’s a lot of money!

So most farmers lease.

In my area they pay around $800-1200 per year.

And I’m going to do just that, afterall, what does a guy from the suburbs know about farming?


So for my first experiment I’d like to do something close to where I live so I can keep my finger on it.

Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks to see how this goes!  I’ll share everything.

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