My Take on the Assange Fiasco

julian assange ecuador

Unless you’ve been living in a hole the last few weeks, you know that Julian Assange, the founder and hacker behind WikiLeaks requested and was granted asylum by Ecuador.

As a foreigner who lives here in Ecuador, and works in the tourism industry, I have to say I don’t think it was a good decision for Ecuador to get involved in this issue at all.

Why spite the super powers of the world just to show them your sovereignty?

Image is everything when it comes to foreign investment and a small South American country, although very rich in natural resources and probably capable of getting by on their own, still should constantly be on reputation patrol and avoid international powder kegs like this one.

Ecuadorians I’ve spoken to about this issue seem to be indifferent or feel similar to my above stated opinion.

Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see how this one unfolds…

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