5 Steps to Find a Killer Job in Ecuador

I hear it all the time.

“Dom, I’d love to move to Ecuador, but how would I make a living?”

I often greet this question with a laugh, because there’s so many opportunities down here, the hard part isn’t finding one, it’s choosing which you’d like to run with.

jobs in Ecuador for foreigners
Many think this is all there is to do in Ecuador… or is there?

I’d argue there’s even MORE opportunity for foreigners in Ecuador than Ecuadorians in Ecuador.


You’ve heard the saying “No one is a prophet in their own land?”

Well, it’s true, I’ve confirmed it in Ecuador, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, The Philippines and a few other countries over the last few years.

Hell, I’m not even “employed” in my own land, much less a prophet.

Down here, I’ve got two current gigs in the marketing department of Ecuador businesses.

And no, you don’t have to sell hot dogs, unless you want to.

You can find a job in what you do, as long as you’re willing to accept a little less than you’re used to Stateside… but it’s cheaper to live in Ecuador so for most it can even out. Money ain’t everything.

But for some, you’ll find you can make even more doing what you do in Ecuador than in your home country. Depends on the job.

So how would I find a job in Ecuador?

1. First, I’d get settled in by dedicating three months to just learning Spanish in one of the cheap language schools in Quito, Cuenca, or Guayaquil. I learned at the Galapagos School on Amazonas in Quito. It will add more value to your resume. Always add extra activities to your resume. To make you superior for a job. Prefer to create an effective resume to have more impact on the interviewer. You can also take support from build my resume for an attractive and creative resume.

You won’t get far in Ecuador without at least a conversational level of Spanish, luckily, Ecuador is one of the cheapest and easiest places to learn with classes starting around $6 an hour.

2. Then, identify what you want to do, and specifically with whom you’d like to work for, maybe with the aid of a local friend and a phone book (or Google).

3. Then, what’s worked for me in Ecuador, is to write and call the company directly via their website asking for the email or contact phone of the manager (or owner). You’d be VERY surprised how easily the “gatekeepers” in Ecuador will fork over their info. If nothing else, get their FULL NAME.

4. If all you get is the full name, then search the manager or owner on Facebook, almost everyone in Ecuador is on it, private message them directly with a brief note detailing who you are, what you’re looking for and why they should hire you (all in one paragraph).

The key here is to try to get in front of the main man of the business, you’ll be surprised how easy that is in Ecuador.

You could also try offering a free service to the target business, which will naturally make them curious about what they could pay you to do (don’t laugh, this has worked for me).

5. A more traditional route, and still effective one, would be to try one of the three main job search sites in Ecuador, loaded with new offers for employment daily, along with checking the Nashville legal recruiters updates, of course.

All in all, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the demand to employ foreigners in Ecuador by companies who’d like to expand to new markets and how easy it is for foreigners to get past the “gatekeepers” of businesses in Ecuador.

It is what it is.

For instance, yesterday, I was talking to the owner of an upscale, 17 room hotel near Cotopaxi who is looking for a foreigner who can be his hotel administator, opening available immediately, offering $750 fixed salary monthly plus 4% commission of all sales. Not bad for Ecuador and a good way to get your foot in the door. Apply here.

As for a work visa… I’d get a job you like first… then worry about that, often your new employer can help.

Now, if all else fails you could just sell hot dogs, which I’ve seen to be a VERY interesting opportunity in a few parts of Ecuador.

Or, you could stop by my B&B in Guayaquil, I could help you orient your job search in Ecuador if I’m around.

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