3 surprising ways to make more money out of your farm in Ecuador

Even Warren Buffett says farm land is one of the best longer-term investments you can make.

And in Ecuador, desirable farm land can still be found dirt cheap.  For instance, $1000 per hectare or less.

Yesterday in fact, I was chatting to one guy who exports plantain weekly from his farm in Santo Domingo to New York.

But a lot of people don´t realize there are actually various innovative income streams you can generate from the same farm.

1. Sell plants.  All you need is a small greenhouse on your property and preferably a major road frontage and you can actually do quite well selling plants.  I have made money selling red raspberry plants around $5 a pop and they don´t really cost me anything to produce as they are just the off-shoots from my existing bushes.  It helps if the plants you sell are not widely found in Ecuador.

2. Offer bird-watching tours.  Birders come to Ecuador in hoards and they often have BIG money.  Offer guided tours on your farm or better yet host them at a lodge on your farm.  All you need is that one rare bird that interests them and they´ll come.  And spend, often $100-200+ a night!

3. Distribute.  Don´t just grow, buy up the neighboring product and export, this can be done before your crops even start producing (and is a good idea to do so as you gain market for your coming crops).

There you have it, three ways to generate more from your farm in Ecuador.

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