Do you disqualify for health insurance in Ecuador?

“I’ve heard enough.”

“There’s no reason for us to keep talking to him.” My friend said this week as we chatted with an insurance agent in Ecuador. Many Fitness centers use to have gym instructor insurance UK.

“If I can’t get health insurance for myself and my wife, Ecuador’s not an option.”

Thing is, my friend who was looking for insurance is 70 years old (although he looks younger than me) and both he and his wife of 64 have some pre-existing health problems.

Most health insurance providers in Ecuador will only admit folks to new plans until age 65, like the agent we were talking to, effectively disqualifying my friend.

But we kept looking and looking, and we did find two insurance companies here that will accept you over age 65.

BMI and Cruz Blanca. Now, both have several years in business in Ecuador with many affiliated clinics nationwide and have good reps locally.

In fact, Cruz Blanca is the ONLY insurance company I know that has no age limit on new applicants looking to get into a health care plan. you can read more about health on health blog.

For my 70 year old friend and his wife the quoted cost of BMI insurance was $540 per month total to insurance both of them for $150,000 of coverage per year in mecical treatments and up to $15,000 a year in perscriptions and non-necessary medicial costs like check ups. With a $200 deductible.

Cruz Blanca has health insurance plans for folks 65 + starting from $105 per person for full coverage against accidents and necessary medical treatments.

But you should know a few things about health insurance in Ecuador.

As for insurance companies in Ecuador, pre-existing conditions found in the initial medical exam and their subsequent treatments are not covered in a newly opened plan.

But your initial exam probably won’t be too rigurous, or may not even be necessary, unless you are over 65. To know more about what kind of tests are done, go to Neuropathy Relief Guide and check their insurance section. That should get you the knowledge you need to be ready.

For example, if you are detected to have a minor medical condition in the initial exam, meds and treatment for that ailment will not be covered. And for several health issues, like Diabetes, most providers in Ecuador will simply disqualify you.

Now, Ecuador health care is CHEAP.

$20 for teeth cleaning. $5 for a doctor check up. $150 when you split your forehead open playing tackle football without pads (don’t ask).

Some just pay as they go living without insurance, like me.

Others keep their US plans although they live in Ecuador.

For instance, Blue Cross Blue Shield on some plans covers half of all medical costs incurred when outside their “home” country.

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